The Baby Fever.

I have fallen ill to the ever consuming malady of baby fever. It seems like every woman I see is sporting a pregnant belly, every blogger I read is some weeks along and my instagram feed is filling with ever extending bellies. It’s not quite that extensive, but when someone has something you want, well, you remember it more. And what I want is a baby.

I want to see two pink lines on a test I take, and not be able to contain my excitement on who I can tell and who I have to wait 12 weeks for. Though I’m certain that by twelve weeks the list will be shorter of who doesn’t know than who does. I want to be sick, munching on saltines and ginger ale, reading the The Morning Sickness Companion.

I want to wear my belly band over my unbuttoned pants and skirts. I want to wear long maxi dresses. I want to all my maternity clothes back from Sarah and I will wear them proudly showcasing not hiding a pregnant belly. I want to wear velcro shoes because I’m in capable of bending over. I want photos of myself every month in all the different ways that I’ve pinned.

I want to be nauseous and exhausted and uncomfortable and hot and cold and itchy. I want to push and scream and cry and have a baby in the end. I want a little pink screaming bundle of joy to hold. To nurse. To rock. Clogged ducts, and stretch mark cream. Who will keep me up all night and day. Who will always be hungry or tired or needing to be changed. I want diapers upon diapers in my diaper genie. I want wipes, and baby bottles, and nuks, and pumps. I want nursing tops and fears. I want two big kids who look down on their baby with overwhelming love.

Bear will be a little helper getting me this or that like he did with Bella. I want Bella to be both a little sister and a big sister. I want to hold her hand while she holds Bear’s who holds Dad’s all the while I push a stroller. I want a family of five. I want to be outnumbered. I want more toys all over my floors, more clothes strewn about, more laundry to wash with Dreft. I want a dishwasher full of plates and cups and utensils of every size. I want pureed vegetables and fruits, rice cereal boxes, and bags of frozen milk.

I want chaos and noise. Dusty bookshelves and crumbs on my countertop. I want to order out because I’m too tired to make dinner. I want to kiss a newborn’s head and smell that precious scent. Hold the tiniest of fingers in my hand. I want a little baby that lays on my chest and hopefully sleeps. I want bjorns, swings, bouncers, exersaucers, boppys and every other contraption I already own that is gathering cobwebs in my basement. I want to love someone more than I ever thought possible.

I know exactly what I would be getting into.

I want these again:

Baby Bella.Baby Ben

Oh yes, I have the fever indeed.

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21 thoughts on “The Baby Fever.

  1. I have it too. I also have house fever and car fever. Not sure which one to tackle first.

    • House fever? But your house is so nice! Do you just want bigger? And you already have a new car! I think we need to make babies this fall! Just have to get through five weddings first =)

      • I just want bigger but I don’t think we can get enough out of our house just yet to sell. I want an upgrade to my car too but that can wait as mine is still working. The baby, that I want to happen this year.

        • Yeah you definitely don’t want to be in this short sale shenanigans that I’m in. You should move to Chicago and then we can be neighbors. Though I know you would never do that, I would of course love it.

  2. Ooooohhhhh, friend, me, too!! I have been longing for and dreaming of PJ’s younger, as-yet-to-be-concieved sibling (I keep dreaming of a girl). We are hoping this will be our year but also aware of the gifts we have!! Hoping your dreams play out just as your heart desires!!
    Brie L recently posted…“Say, say, say what you want…”My Profile

    • I want a girl too. Like really bad. I figure I have spent so much money on all of Bella’s dresses someone else should get to wear them too. Plus, I always wanted a sister. I hope both of our dreams come true!

    • I am so sorry for your loss. I would be terrified to try again, but I could also not try again. Best of luck to you.

    • HA, well I apologize for that! Now you know how I feel with all these pregnant people all around!

    • All these pregnant people are starting a craze! When I was pregnant with my second one there were 4 people in my office pregnant at the same time. Almost seems contagious 🙂

  3. Wow – you are hyped. A little focused there. I hope your husband reads this blog and that he is on the same page. Good luck getting pregnant.

    • Ha, yes I told him to read my post and put a baby in me. But not until this fall. It would be helpful if we a) lived in the same state and b) it was after the FIVE weddings I have this summer.

  4. Sigh…I get this. Seems like pregnancy comes in waves. Everyone is pregnant all at once and you’re not. It sucks.
    I wish that we all could just snap our fingers and make it happen.
    And I’m with you, all of the things we hated to do, we wish to do them again. Moms are weird like that.
    Kimberly recently posted…Hispanic BarbieMy Profile

    • I figure we have to be weird like that or the population would likely die off because no sane person really wants to go through pregnancy, labor, and the aftermath =)

  5. I have the fever as well. DD is 3 1/2 and she would be so jealous!! I have to remind myself of the sleepless nights and exhaustion from nursing a baby LOL 🙂

    • Ha, true. But a little baby! A friend of mine tried to remind me of how expensive babies are and if I want a new big house perhaps a baby isn’t what I should be thinking of right now. But I don’t want to be practical about this!

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